Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC)

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Tower 1 Specification

Overall Size Approx. 57,600m² NLA (Office Floors)
No. of office floor 29 floors (3rd to 29th, 31st to 32nd )
Typical Floor Area Approx. 1,950m² NLA
Core to window depth Approx. 15.2m (N) / 13.4m (E) / 11.5m (S) / 13.4m (W)
Finished Floor-to-Ceiling Height Approx. 2,750mm
Raised Floor Approx. 180mm from top of slab to top of raised floor
Planning grid 1,500mm
Floor Loading Office Floors: Live Load = 3.5 KN/m² ; Partitions = 1.0 KN/m²
Curtain Wall Unitised aluminium system with double glazed low E-solar tinted or single thermal toughened glass
Total no. of carparks Approx. 438 lots in both Towers 1 & 2 for tenants and approx. 248 lots at MBLM for the public
Toilets Male and Female, 1 Executive Toilet with shower combined with a Handicapped Toilet per floor

Provision for tenant’s pantry exhaust connection to central pantry exhaust riser on every floor

Waste water discharge from pantry to nearest waste stack by tenants. Alternatively, a floor-standing waste water pumping unit is available in the market for connection by tenants subject to approval of waiver from PUB for use of unit


24-hour chilled water supply from District Cooling System with an AHU per floor

Estimated cooling load for a typical office floor is 240 kWr

One DCS chilled water tap-off point has been provided for each floor in conjunction with one supplementary chilled water tap off point which is backup by air-cooled chillers with emergency power supply for 20% of estimated cooling load

Two sets of chilled water riser pipes have been provided for each floor, subject to availability

Space available for 3 nos tenants’ own air-cooled chillers system, subject to availability

Security System

24-hour CCTV monitoring at all main entrances and exits

Card Access Control via turnstiles to lift lobbies

Fire Protection

Addressable fire alarm system

Automatic sprinkler network, wet riser system, hosereels and portable fire extinguishers

Lighting Average 500 lux at desktop level
Incoming Electrical Supply & Electrical Loads Dual feed for 22 kV incoming power supply
Lighting: 15W/ m²
Power: 70W/ m²
Computer Earthing Provision of clean earthing available in each tenant data riser, subject to availability
Standby Generator 20% of estimated tenant normal load
Spare riser

For tenants’ inter-floor cabling and specialised services

Total 6 nos risers (3 electrical risers & 3 data risers), subject to availability

Space Reserved for Tenant’s Own Generator

6 nos of generator spare plinths reserved for tenants’ use, subject to availability

Provision of fuel pipe for connection to tenant’s generator system

Telecommunication Telephone, Fibre Optic, SCV
Lifts 16 passenger lifts in 2 lifts zones with separate car park lifts (2 nos.) and service lifts (2 nos.)

The above information has been prepared with care. However, it is for guidance purposes only and is subject to change. It cannot form part of an offer or contract. While every reasonable care has been taken in providing this information, Raffles Quay Asset Management Pte Ltd, its subsidiaries, agents or representatives are not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies, or for the consequences of any reliance on such information, whether in the form of costs, claims, expenses, or other losses, and whether direct or indirect.

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